Making your office hygiene game stronger with Cleansense

Lifting of the lockdown comes with more responsibility, as we now have to learn to live with the virus we need to be precautious at everything we do. What was normal back then is now being questioned!

Since most of the places will now be open for business means most of the people will not have the comfort to work from home. We all have to take several measures to ensure that wherever we are we are safe.

Here are some steps that can help you be a little safer when you are back in business -

1) Temperature screening

A diligent temperature check of every employee at work should be done, if someone shows above normal temperature they should be allowed to work from home until the necessary tests/ treatment is undertaken.


2) Mask

Wearing a mask at all places should be made compulsory, N95 masks are recommended for proper safety. Also, some people are ignorant towards covering their noses, a proper way to wear masks should be taught if needed.


3) Hand Washing

The most important is to keep washing hands, washing hands should be convenient and should be emphasized. Posters on how to wash hands can be stuck near the sink as a reminder.


Cleansense Hand Wash has cleaning properties of lemon and neem that are effective against germs and bacteria.

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4) Sanitizers

All employees must carry their sanitizers with them and should keep sanitizing at regular intervals. Sanitizers in cabins and desks should be installed to keep the germs away. Cleansense follows WHO guidelines to formulate the finest quality sanitizers


5) Disinfectant

As it is possible for viruses to stay on door handles, devices, or on furniture surfaces for several days. Caution is required here in the operational environment. Objects on your desks, furniture, and other tech devices need to be cleaned with disinfectant sprays or antibacterial sanitizing wipes. Regular disinfection should be conducted. Cleansense has an easy to use handy disinfectant spray that can be kept in the office corners and desks.


6) Keeping distance

The most important thing to keep in mind is to maintain proper social distancing.

The more people you come in contact with higher are the chances for the virus to spread.

A few steps that can help in keeping the distance is if possible continue the work from home system. For the people who can not avoid coming to workplaces, steps like distancing desks, alternate seat system, distancing canteen tables should be undertaken.


Keep your workplace safe

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