Cleansense Ayurvedic Massage Bar Pack of 3

Rs. 125 Rs. 150

Germ protection hand soap, with special massage spikes for better cleansing along with the cleansing properties of lemon and neem for clean healthy hands. This soap comes with the goodness of Aloevera to give your hydrated, nourished hands after every wash.

Net Vol: 100 g

How to use: Apply generously on wet palm and gently work up a lather and mix. Thoroughly rub palm, back of the hands, finger, and between the fingernails. Rinse thoroughly, wipe your hands with a clean piece of cloth.

More Information
• 100% Vegan & Paraben Free
• Made with 100% Natural Extracts
• Is irritation-free and skin-friendly
• Moisturizes and leaves your hands smooth and soft
• Soothing fragrance


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