Cleansense Paw Patrol Hand Sanitizer 500ml

Rs. 198 Rs. 330

Put your hands up if you like berries! Sweet, tangy & oh-so-fresh, our skin-loving hand sanitizer is enriched with the scents of blueberry & freshness of sweet pea to keep germs at bay, all while keeping your skin soft, moisturized & bacteria free! The gentle formula contains 60% alcohol, natural ingredients like aloe & neem extract for happy hands on-the-go! This pocket-friendly design with bright colors and vivacious aromas makes hand-hygiene fun, easy, and happy for your PAW-SOME hands!

Net Vol: 500 ml

How to use:
1.Take an itsy bitsy amount of the sanitizer on your hands! 
2. Rub Rub Rub your hands, fingers, and palms together! 
3. Say Bye Bye Germs and get back on to your adventures!

More Information
• Contains 60% skin friendly Alcohol, antibacterial Neem, nourishing Aloe Vera
• Effective against a broad range of bacteria and viruses
• Kills germs without water anytime, anywhere
• Is non-sticky, irritation-free and skin-friendly
• Moisturizes and leaves your hands gentle and soft
• Cheerful and fun notes of Blueberry

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