Cleansense Pro Hand Rub Sanitizer (500 ml)

Rs. 137 Rs. 250

Instantly effective sanitizer. This sanitizer contains 80% alcohol, has antiseptic and moisturizing formulations for irritation and germ-free hands. Appropriate for busy rooms, offices, living areas, etc.

Net Vol: 500 ml

How to use: Pour out a dime-sized drop on your palm. Rub thoroughly over your palms, back of the hand, between the fingers and fingernails until the hands are dry and clean.

More Information 
• Contains 80% Alcohol
• Effective against a broad range of bacteria and viruses
• Kills germs without water anytime, anywhere
• Is irritation-free and skin-friendly
• Moisturizes and leaves your hands gentle and soft
• Non-sticky & Soothing scent


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