Hand and surface sanitizing Wipes (30 pieces)

Rs. 200 Rs. 210

Sanitize and disinfect your hands and surfaces with Cleansense Sanitizing Wet Wipes. The wipes contain 70% alcohol which helps in keeping your hands and surfaces clean. These wipes contain antiseptic power of neem and lime which helps to kill the germs bacteria and viruses. The goodness of aloe vera makes the wipes are skin-friendly. The lightweight and travel-friendly pack is easy to carry around for clean hands and surfaces whenever you want. These wet wipes fit your bags/ purses and come handy whenever you need them for instant freshness.

Net Vol: 30 pieces

How to use: Pull out a wipe from the packet, rub onto the dirty surface of your skin or an object for at least 30sec, and its done, carefully dispose of the wipe in a bin.

More Information
• Contains 70% alcohol
• Kills germs without water anytime, anywhere
• Is irritation-free and skin-friendly
• Moisturizes and leaves your hands gentle and soft
• Effective against a broad range of bacteria and viruses
• Non-sticky & Soothing scent
• Convenient way to keep your hands and surfaces clean
• Contains 30 pieces
•100% Vegan & Paraben Free

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